Abie-Faye Cleaning

Abie-Faye is a privately held limited company that offers cleaning services in Calgary and surrounding areas. Specializing in commercial, residential and hotel facilities, the company works 24/7.

Not only commercial buildings but also the company provides services to office, financial institutions, restaurants, etc.

At SBQS, we created a brand new website for Abie Faye. Moreover, we have done some graphic design too. Since February 2020, we have been working on the SEO of the website for a very highly competitive keyword: Cleaning Services in Calgary. So, if you find this page or their website on the first page of Google while using those keywords, then we are successful. The company did have a presence on Facebook; however, there was no presence on other social media sites. We helped her create accounts with others.

In addition, we have been providing Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax Filing service to Abie-Faye.

Project Date

Start Date: 2018-05-05

End Date: 2018-06-10