SEO helps ensure you reach customers near you. Depending on whatever keywords your customers use to find your type of business, we can help drive more customers to your site by maximizing your visibility online.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A leading SEO services expert, MOZ defines SEO services as the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. It means a lot to us when we see any website appearing on the first page through organic search. Like others, we do a number of website designs for our clients. As thousands of websites are competing, it is critical to understand the algorithm of those search engines, in particular Google.

Why is SEO services so important?

Good SEO can differentiate a successful website from a website that nobody visits. So, no doubt, it is worth investing in SEO. If you’re looking for an SEO Specialist to work on your website, you’re probably thriving to improve your SEO seriously. We feel that SBQS Ltd. has the knowledge, skills and experience in SEO for your small business website.


SEO Services we Offer

First, analyze the content and structure, evaluate the keywords related to your business, and then set up a strategy to showcase your website to the Google bot.

In addition, we index your website with Google and Bing. We continuously monitor the progress of your website on ranking Google searches.


If you find us on the first page of Google by typing “Web Design Calgary,” then our SEO campaign works. If it works for us, it should work for you too. Below are some of the websites we have done the SEO.  As you see, for some sites, we have done everything — from designing the website to performing SEO. On the other hand, we have done the SEO of some websites we did not do the website’s design. So, regardless of who designs your website, we can do SEO.

We did the web design of this beautiful website.
The keywords for the SEO has been set to Beauty School in Calgary. We started the SEO project back in October 2019. Now, the website has been appearing on the first page of Google with rank # 2 since June 1, 2020

We have done the web design as well as the SEO of this website.
The keyword is Consulting Engineer in Calgary and "HVAC Consulting Firm in Calgary", the website has been appearing on the first page of Google with rank # 3 since June 1, 2020

We did not do the design; however, we have done the SEO of this website for the keywords  Compressor Company in Calgary.
The result is fantastic!
The website is appearing on the first page of Google having rank # 1 as of June 15, 2020

Last year, we did the SEO for the keywords asphalt paving company in Calgary.
The website appeared on the first page in three months and was holding the top three positions for a while. The client wanted to discontinue the SEO due to winter. Now, we are back. It is now appearing on the 3rd page of Google since May 2021.

We did the design of this website.
We started the SEO for the keywords: "will and estate lawyer in northwest Calgary". In three month, the site has appeared on the first page of Google. Now we are working on the other keywords.

We have been doing the SEO for the keywords: Moving Company in Calgary.
The site is appearing on the second page of Google. We are working for the other keywords too and is monitoring their progress.

We have done the website and the SEO.
The keywords are: 'bookkeeping for small business in Calgary', 'tax filing for small business in Calgary and 'accounting for small business in Calgary keywords. With any of the keywords, the website is appearing on the first page of Google.

Not sure about the SEO of your website?

 Call Us if you have any questions. Meanwhile, visit our portfolio to see our recent projects!


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